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11 Reasons Why a Custom Home is Worth it

Posted January 6, 2023

Custom Home Ottawa Kitchen

Building your dream home can be thrilling.

A professional Custom Home Builder, can help you create a home you’ll never want to leave – one that brings a sense of peace and joy into your everyday. 

Given the challenges of purchasing a pre-owned home it’s no wonder that many folks are choosing, instead, to start fresh with a home that is built where and how they want it.  

While a custom home isn’t an option for everyone, for those who are seeking some of the benefits we’ve outlined below, a custom home makes a lot of sense. Custom perks like energy efficient appliances, unique allocation of space, custom detailing, and privacy are benefits that can make a huge difference in your quality of living. You may even save money down the road by having fewer repairs or renovation projects than purchasing a spec home.


1.  Seamless Design-Build Process

A custom home builder, like Amsted, will help you through every single step so you don’t have to put your life on hold to have your dream home built. We oversee every detail from the design, obtaining permits, helping you choose finishes and fixture, obtaining inspections, overseeing the work at each stage, clean-up, and warranty.  We’ll even host a party to help you show off your new home to your friends and neighbours! 

Our process is simple, but detailed, to ensure a smooth and successful project. Instead of dividing each step into separate processes or dealing with different parties, we handle it all! This integrated design-build process controls job costs, automates communication across the team, and delivers quality construction, all while ensuring you get the dream home you’ve always wanted.

Bottom Line:  A seamless design-build process means you save time, money, and sanity.

2. Live in a home you LOVE instead of tolerate

Most folks know what it feels like to live in a place that doesn’t feel like home.  It’s a rare person who hasn’t lived in a house that was too small, had awkward spaces, a tiny bathroom, or no counter space – our first homes are rarely ideally suited to our needs.  Likely, your home today isn’t quite this bad, it may not be situated where you want to live, have a smaller yard, or be older and require a heavy investment to renovate up to your standards.  Custom homes are an opportunity to start completely fresh without having to accept the compromises the previous homeowner made to your home.  You decide what’s important in your space and, with the help of a skilled Design-Build team, create a space you’ll love instead of tolerate.

Bottom Line:  Building a custom home means you won’t have to live with anyone else’s choices.

3. Choose Your Lot and Layout

From a downtown infill to a country estate and anywhere in between, building a custom home allows you to decide what neighbourhood is best suited to you.  A realtor can help you find that perfect spot and your Design-Build firm can bring your home to life.  Want to plant a huge garden or have space for your dogs to run free?  Want a large garage to tinker or keep your car collection or a custom studio space or guest suite?  You may find it easier to design your property if you aren’t stuck with someone’s existing plan for your lot.

Bottom Line:  Building a custom home means you can have the space you need where you need it.

Renovation Kemptville Kitchen
4. A Design that is as Unique as You Are

If you’ve ever spent time in the suburbs you know what a cookie cutter neighbourhood can look and feel like. While bulk pricing might benefit the production builder in time and costs, it certainly doesn’t allow you to REALLY put your personality into your home. A custom home designer is an expert who knows how to creatively problem solve and pays attention to the details that matter most to you so that the blueprint they produce for your home is as smart as it is uniquely tuned to your needs.

Further, while every neighbourhood will have city restrictions on what can be built on any given property, a quality custom home builder knows these regulations well and can guide the process so you don’t fall foul of these regulations.  You’ll be able to sleep peacefully knowing you won’t be getting getting bylaw notices or fines in the mail.   

Bottom Line:  Building a custom home is an escape from the ordinary.

5. Save Money & the Environment

Since it’s unlikely that you’ll put old appliances into your new home, a custom home often means new appliances. Energy efficient appliance are no longer specialty items but are now standard in our homes, which can help you save energy, and money, over the long term. It’s easier to take advantage of eco-friendly options when you don’t have to retro-fit them into a space that wasn’t originally designed for them.

Bottom Line:  A custom home helps you get it right from the start. 

6. Chores Made Easier

If you are one of the many folks who absolutely despise lugging a vacuum cleaner from room to room, building a custom home means you can design a home that makes living in and maintaining the space, so much easier.  Central vacuum systems, upstairs or main floor laundry rooms, smart storage systems, hidden recycling centres, and modern compost systems, are just some of the options you can incorporate in your custom home plan to take the stress out of everyday chores.

Bottom Line:  Custom Homes don’t eliminate pesky chores but they sure can make them easier.

7. No Skeletons in the Closet

The reality is, when you purchase someone else’s home (even if it’s a new build), you are buying a history you don’t know.  We all hope that the home we live in was built to last by qualified quality-minded professionals who knew exactly what they were doing, but the fact is – if you are buying any property, you have to trust that everything is as it should be.

By building a custom home, you have more opportunity to know exactly who is working on your project and to feel fully confident in their skills.  Ideally, you’ll get to know a small in-house team of experts, like we have at Amsted Design-Build, who will communicate openly with you at every step of the build, sending updates and photographs, as needed, to ensure you always feel like you are in the loop on your project.

Bottom Line:  There won’t be any literal or figurative skeletons in the closets of your custom home for you to suddenly discover.

8. Privacy and Security

Here in Ottawa, we have a lot of government officials who require a level of  privacy and security for their families.  As one of Ottawa’s best custom home builders, Amsted  understands the unique requirements for folks in this position. And while you may not work for a governmental body, you may still want to enjoy a property that allows you to escape from the world into your own private oasis.  Building a custom home not only allows you to choose the type of lot that can minimize access to your home but can also incorporate security features from day one so you never have to worry about the safety of your loved ones.

Bottom Line:  Privacy and security are benefits of building a custom home that are priceless. 

9. High Level Service

Instead of feeling like a small cog in a big wheel, the custom home building experience offers a high level of personalized service.  Boutique Design-Build firms, like Amsted Design-Build, don’t take on a high volume of custom home projects ensuring that your project gets the attention to detail that it deserves.  Rather than being stuck in the production home assembly line along with hundreds of other new home buyers, building a custom home is a bespoke process that centres your needs through every phase of the build.  By building a custom home with Amsted, you can expect to have direct and continuous access to a small team dedicated to your specific project.  The Project Coordinator, Designer, and Project Manager are there to support you from start to finish.

Bottom Line:   Custom Homes come with personalized attention, delivering a result that supports the strength of your investment.

10. Materials and Innovation

Custom homes offer a unique opportunity to bring cutting edge material and technology into your home from below the ground and up.  Innovation can literally be poured into the foundation of your space or built into your walls, windows, and roof.  From radiant floor heating, SMART technology sensors, to Tesla’s Solar Roof tiles and everything in between, building a custom home allows you to take advantage of technology that can make your home more comfortable, durable, and efficient.

Bottom Line:  Living in a custom home can truly be a smart choice.

11. Sentimental Value

Thanks to the Wizard of Oz, we all learned alongside Dorothy that “there’s no place like home.”  And while we may not have been swept into an imaginary land like Oz, our world can often feel chaotic and upside down. 

Home is our refuge.  

Sure, there were times during the 2020 and 2021 lockdowns that our homes felt more like prisons, but with lockdown measures lifted throughout the world, homeowners are once again able to see their homes for what they should be – a safe and joyful place where your most precious memories are made.  This may perhaps be the best reason to build a custom home, a home that is the unique and personalized backdrop of all your important stories.

Bottom Line:  Building your dream home can help bring your dreams to life. 

The one caveat to all of this? You have to choose the right builder. The right custom home builder can help you achieve all of the benefits above, and ensure your peace of mind.  But a low-quality custom home builder can steal these things from you and turn your dream into a nightmare.  We’ve all watched enough home design shows to know that.

Ultimately, there are solid reasons why building a custom home might be the right fit for you.  Whether those reasons are practical, emotional, financial, or sentimental – if you are in the market for a partner to work with you to bring your forever home to life, make sure you choose a Design-Build firm that you can trust. 

If you are looking to build a custom home in Ottawa, Brockville, or anywhere in between – reach out to our team at Amsted Design-Build.  With over 30 years in the business, a 95% client satisfaction rate, 10 Renovator of the Year trophies, and a myriad of happy homeowners who’ve had their homes built on-time and on-budget – Amsted is Ottawa’s Best Design-Builder and your best choice to craft a home that will bring your dreams to life!