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Creating Your Perfect Custom Homes in Ottawa and Brockville, ON

So the time has come for your custom-built dream home. We are honoured that you have decided to drop by Amsted Design-Build! We are an award-winning home builder and renovator here in Ottawa.

Building your custom home is a big investment of both time and resources. Most people will build a custom home just once in their lifetime – it should stand the test of time! Amsted has the experience to create beautiful, livable plans and designs with the understanding of what true quality craftsmanship means. We are committed to making your dream a reality by focusing on the things that are important to you in the design and function of your new home.

At Amsted we keep everything in-house or with the support of our long-time trade partners so there is no need for you to become a project manager who has to keep track of architects, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, and civil authorities. We take care of all of this for you and maintain communication throughout the whole process. You’ll always know where we’re at and what’s coming next.

The advantages of working with a single company to design-build your dream home will be something you’ll talk about for years to come. 

Custom Design-Build

We know Ottawa. Our decades of experience means that you and your family will live in a home that’s built to last. We have expertly constructed homes in every neighbourhood of the National Capital Region.

Listen to our client Keri talk how our custom home services helped her get a home tailored to her desires, needs and personal designs using Amsted's expertise and resources to fill in the blanks to bring her vision to life.

Creating Your Perfect Custom Homes in Ottawa and Brockville, ON

house front view

Urban Infill

Many people decide that they want to stay in the city close to their jobs and their kids’ schools. There is no longer a need to purchase land far away to build your dream home.

If you live within the greenbelt and want to stay in your beloved neighbourhood, urban infill is the solution. Put simply, it means we will work with you on the considerate demolition of the existing house and the creation of your dream home in it’s place.


Adaptive Reuse

We can help adapt your historic home or building. Adaptive reuse is the process of changing one type of structure into another. For example, an old school house can be turned into a family home or condo units.

The important part of a project of this kind is the preservation of the historic look and feel of the building while adding modern touches to really bring it into the present day—a place where history can meet tomorrow.


Estate Lots

If the suburban or rural pace is more your style, building a custom home on an estate lot could be a great option. Many developers are designing communities outside the greenbelt, where you can buy your our lot within a growing community and build a home that suits your unique needs. If you’re ready to have a new custom home built on an estate lot, we can help.

Our award-winning design-build team can deliver your estate lot custom home from start to finish. Our team's 600+ years of combined experience, as well as our expertise in bylaws and building codes ensure a stress-free experience and stunning results.

Sustainable Homes

Our world is changing for the better.

In 2013 we won the Platinum Award for the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED): a rating system developed by the United States Green Building Council, which is now used worldwide to guide new building construction and renovations to foster a greener, more sustainable future for the benefit of our whole planet.

Amsted built the first R-2000 home in Ottawa in 1991. An R-2000 home puts our planet first, according to Natural Resources Canada who outlines the benefits of buying or building a green home. If you are considering making your new home a sustainable home then we can help.

Ready for your new home?

Discover why we have been the number one choice in Ottawa for custom homes and renovations.

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