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2022 Top Deck Trends For The Ultimate Outdoor Oasis

Posted May 18, 2022

The outdoor deck became a huge hit in the 1980s when homeowners realized their yard could be an extension of their living space. Today the trend is more popular than ever, as the pandemic has motivated homeowners to create comfortable, safe places to gather. Staying on top of the latest outdoor living trends can help you build a deck that stands out. Let’s take a look at this year’s trends:

Adding more railing

Deck railing was sometimes treated as an afterthought in the earlier days of deck design, but it’s now a must-have for many homeowners. Deck railing systems can be simple to install and their design versatility can suit just about any style, making them a no brainer! Adding a custom touch that goes beyond the standard baluster such as a deck board drink rail, are growing in popularity and can bring a modern design to any space!

Light up your space

A very popular deck trend is LED lighting. Lighting is a cost-effective way to transform your deck into a usable space no matter what time of day it is. From installing strip lights across a railing to illuminating a walkway with stair lights, you’ll turn your outdoor space into a functional nighttime lounge area. Evening summer cocktails with guests, outdoor movie nights or simply stargazing all become possibilities when you add some simple lighting!

Choose composite materials

Composite decking continues to gain traction as a favoured alternative to wood planks and it’s obvious as to why. Choosing composite materials help preserve your deck and require very little maintenance. While many builders and homeowners were initially wary when composite decking first arrived, its many benefits and appearance have only continued to improve. Its resistance to rot, moisture and insects compared to traditional wood has made it a fan favourite!

Keep it low maintenance

When it comes to an outdoor space, maintenance can seem daunting which is why it’s common for homeowners to choose materials and methods that are as low maintenance as possible! Here are a few easy ways to keep your deck looking fresh: 

  1. Use composite materials for your deck to assure very little work and easy preservation. 
  2. Avoid using rugs or mats made of natural materials, which can trap moisture. Instead opt for plastic or synthetic materials that are much less likely to have this issue. 
  3. Make sure to trim nearby bushes and trees at least 12 inches from the deck to discourage any moss, rot and mold buildup! 

Amsted can help create your dream deck

Whether you’re looking to add some mood lighting or want to create a deck that is easy to maintain, we have the tools to help turn your outdoor space into an outdoor oasis. Book a consultation with us today!