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5 Benefits of the Design-Build Process That Simplify Your Renovation Project

Posted February 10, 2020

Why is a design-build service the best choice when it comes to your renovation or custom home build? There are many reasons, all of which save you time and money. Amsted’s design-build service provides a one-stop solution, with our professional design and construction experts working together under one roof to create a seamless process.

We also offer you opportunities to get actively involved in the renovation process so you can achieve a greater sense of pride in your home. It’s all part of the Amsted Advantage. Curious about how the Amsted Design-Build works? It all starts with your own team of experts.

Your Design-Build Team Is The Key To Your Project

Throughout your renovation or building process, you will work with an Amsted Project Coordinator, Designer, Project Manager, and team of carpentry professionals, all dedicated to your project.

Your Project Coordinator will begin the project with your free in-home consultation. Our team of Architectural and Interior Designers are available if required for your project. Your Project Manager will tend to every detail throughout your construction process, monitoring the scope of work, the cost of your project, and the progress of your construction team throughout.

Our team is with you every step of the way. This personalized service empowers you to be as involved as you want to be, while ensuring the project design meets your goals for function and style. There are a number of benefits to the design-build model, but the top 5 include:

1: Design Innovation

Bringing together designers and builders at the start of a project enhances design inspiration, through creative brainstorming on aesthetics, functionality, and building science. They are able to find unique solutions and personalize your home in ways you hadn’t realized you needed.

In a client’s words: “From initial conceptual meetings through to the final design, Amsted brought significant value-added expertise and realistic solutions to the challenges the project faced – a major benefit of the design-build process.” — Sarah & Alex

2: Better Quality

Design-builders are experts in both fields, enabling them to see alternatives that deliver a better project than you initially imagined. They are able to source the best quality products that not only work with your design, but also fit into your budget, because they are involved from the start of the project.

In a client’s words: “It impressed us that the designer and construction crew took the time to discuss the situation and work together to leverage the diverse skill sets of the team to arrive at the best possible solution. The result was exceptional workmanship.” — Jennifer & Chris

3: Cost Savings

Budgetary goals and true costs are considered in design and monitored and assessed throughout construction. By having the design team and construction team working together closely, you can ensure your budget is always respected from start to finish of your project.

In a client’s words: “Our budget was as serious to Amsted as it was to us. We felt we got the best for our money in Amsted.” — Co P.

4: Faster Delivery

Integrated project management means our construction team is brought in at an early stage in the design process, which allows your project to begin sooner, and be completed faster and with fewer challenges. There is no confusion or misinterpreted timelines; your team works together to give your project their full attention.

In a client’s words: “The schedule was adhered to during the entire construction phase. For a four-month project, I think this was exceptional, and certainly impressed our neighbours.” — Katie & Andrew

5: Singular Responsibility

Just one company is held accountable for cost, schedule, and performance. Everyone from the lead architect to the labourer is clearly focused on one thing — your goal. There is only one point of contact for you, and no confusion over responsibility.

In a client’s words: “The entire renovation experience, from beginning to end, was a positive and happy one for us. Amsted is a first-class organization that, in our view, operates in accordance with its core values of integrity, teamwork, respect, trust, empathy and loyalty.” — Lindsay & Ivan

Ready to find out more?

Get in touch with us today, or join us for our upcoming seminar to get even more information on how Amsted’s design-build process makes your project a lot more manageable.