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5 Trends to Consider When Designing Your Dream Home This Spring

Posted April 22, 2022

It’s difficult not to feel inspired and motivated when a fresh season rolls around, filled with so much promise and possibility. A new season presents a blank canvas for you to transform your dreams into plans, and there’s no time like Spring to plan the design of your custom dream home! 

A commitment like this can bring an abundance of excitement but it also requires plenty of planning and preparation. If you need help getting your design dreams started, you can start right here! Follow these trends to make your space everything you’ve been dreaming of:

Elevate your Outdoor Space

As we move into a season with fresher air and milder weather, the flow of your home’s outdoor space is something to seriously consider. One of the largest design trends of 2022 is design your outdoor space to reflect a livable extension of your home’s interior. Designers are filling outdoor living areas with high-end furniture to compliment the overall style of your custom dream home. 

It’s about the details and manufacturers have stepped up their game to create durable rugs, lighting and decor to put unique finishing touches on your outdoor space. This will quickly become a popular spot to relax, entertain guests and enjoy quality time with friends and family! 

Bring Luxury to Your Bathroom

The bathroom is a sacred place. It’s where we typically begin our day and often where we go to wind down. The bathrooms in your dream home should suit your individual needs and overall lifestyle, somewhere you can go to feel both relaxed and energized. 

The focal point of a bathroom is the shower and bathtub, and it’s important to consider how many shower heads and sprays will make you feel the most pampered. Homeowners often rave about rain shower heads or dual shower heads and for an even more luxurious experience, you may consider adding a built-in bench or shelf into your shower.

But why stop there? Heated bathroom floor tile is a detail that can transport you directly to the spa, and are more cost-effective than you might think!

Keep Your Indoor Space Fresh

Connecting with nature and incorporating natural elements into your home can create a positive, lively space to enjoy. Oversize windows and doors invite natural light, and green plants and vibrant flowers will create a refreshing environment you can proudly call home. 

Textures involving flora and fauna, or materials like stone, wood and clay are increasingly gaining popularity. Designers are favouring neutral palettes, natural textures and recommending light earthy tones for accents and walls in your home this year. 

Create a Unique Home With Sustainable Materials

When building or renovating your custom dream home, it’s worth considering the addition of smart technology and sustainable materials when possible. Repurposing recycled or reclaimed materials such as repurposed stone for countertops, can add a unique flare while remaining kind to the environment. 

Searching for furniture made from sustainable, recycled materials or seeking out unique pre-loved pieces, is another great way to keep your home sustainable! 

Upgrade the Heart of Your Home

Inspiration often sparks in the kitchen. Whether you’re experimenting with a new recipe, enjoying a reflective morning coffee or entranced in conversation with friends and family, your kitchen tells a story.

This story can be told through a fun wallpaper, textured backsplash or fun light fixture. While dressing your space with fun details, it’s also a good idea to focus on making your functional pieces more exciting. An eye-catching kitchen island or statement countertop will do the trick! 

We’re Here to Help

At Amsted, we specialize in design-build services to create the custom home of your dreams! We work with you every step of the way to perfect a space that’s uniquely yours. Book a consultation with us