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Amsted Customer Appreciation Event

Posted November 7, 2017

This past Saturday, the Amsted team was thrilled to welcome 30 past clients to watch the Senators take on the Vegas Golden Knights, showing our appreciation for their continued support and ongoing referrals.

Referrals are a key component of Amsted’s success over the past 28 years, with over 60% of our projects coming from referrals and past clients. That is why, for our 25th anniversary in 10634 we decided to amp up our recognition of these efforts, and introduced the Amsted Referral Program.

In addition to the thank-you’s we send throughout the year, it is with great pleasure that we host our annual celebration event, inviting all of our customers (clients, partners and fellow employees) who have referred us in the past year to join us in celebration.

Together we enjoyed great food, cheered hard for the Sens (even though they lost), and celebrated the impact each person has on Amsted’s continued success. We are proud of the relationships we have made with our customers, and appreciate the trust they demonstrate each time they refer us to a friend or family member. We know that none of what we do would be possible without all of you! Thank you.