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Amsted does Camp Smitty

Posted October 3, 2023

17 years.

That’s how long Amsted has been volunteering at Camp Smitty. Since 2006, we’ve contributed hundreds of hours, amounting to over $1 million in-kind, to keeping up and improving the camp so that more kids could have the opportunity to experience the life-changing power of summer camp.

This year, 115 Amsted staff and partners, along with their families, completed more projects at the camp than ever before. In one (very full!!) day of hard work, we:

  • painted the interior of the Rec Hall (including a surprise mural!)
  • built stairs from the Log House deck down to the dock
  • refinished and painted the Log House porch
  • built a deck for the Boathouse
  • extended and shingled the roof on both sides of the Recycle Shed
  • excavated and added support posts to the Nurse’s Station
  • milled and replaced all of the amphitheater benches
  • demo’d the interior of SOM kitchen
  • cleared a new forest trail
  • cleared a huge amount of forest overgrowth
  • painted the exterior of several cabins
  • demolished an unsafe outdoor stone fireplace
  • replaced the roof on the Pump House

Want to see for yourself? Take a peek at this year’s video!

Special thanks to everyone who attended, and all of our partners who volunteered their time and/or resources to join us in this fantastic cause:

  • Kelly Santini
  • Kahns Corp Environmental
  • Dumont Foundations & Interlock
  • Stone Design Concepts
  • Kelly Huibers McNeely
  • Home Hardware Stittsville
  • Home Hardware Brockville
  • Home Depot Brockville
  • Home Depot Kanata
  • Vanity Roofing
  • Robertson Rental
  • Zigmans Brockville
  • Bonnechere Bakery