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Amsted Home Care: Home Repairs, Maintenance & Smaller Upgrades Sized to Fit Your Needs

Posted May 4, 2020

Have you heard about the Amsted Home Care program? It offers speed, convenience, and trustworthy expertise to homeowners seeking home repairs, general maintenance, and smaller upgrades. It’s the perfect program for those who may not know where to turn when they want to take care of those small projects before they turn into big ones.

Home Care was a natural evolution of our service department, designed to meet the needs of both existing and new clients who were not in need of drastic changes to their home but still wanted service they could trust. Home Care clients receive the same quality work performed by our team of fully licensed Red-Seal carpenters and trade professionals, backed by our full company’s expertise.

“It’s perfect for homeowners who want to update their home’s style or get their home ready for sale,” says Amsted’s Paul Myk, who oversees the department. “Whether you need to spruce up the home by replacing baseboards, painting, touch-ups, changing a sink or faucet, we can help. It good for anyone who has a long list of things to do but not the time (or the skill) to do it. They can hire us for a day or two, create a ‘honey to-do’ list and we can see how many we can get done.”

Paul has worked with Amsted for 3 years, and knows the importance of trusted experts—even for the small jobs.

“We can inspect a home to see if it’s safe for the homeowners. We can help assess certain points that will be a hazard to someone as they get older, and work together to come up with a solution. We can also tend to the seasonal maintenance of your home. That means that if you don’t like getting up on a ladder, we can clean your eavestroughs for you. I even have a crew that can clean windows. We will help you keep your home in the best condition possible no matter what your situation is.”

Frank L. has been using the seasonal maintenance service and particularly appreciates the roof snow clearing we do for him. “As a happy client of Amsted Design-Build, I would like to recommend this to others,” he says.


The team can also take on smaller renovation projects as well; think of it as almost like an Amsted-lite. Typically, a Home Care renovation project does not require a permit. For example, jobs like changing out the toilet, sink, or tiles in a bathroom without changing the layout can be done without a permit.

Without permits, projects can usually be done much sooner than a bigger renovation. “We can often sign a contract one week and start the job the following week, not months later,” Paul explains.

The timeline may be faster, but what doesn’t change is the commitment to quality, the level of experience and expertise in our staff and trades partners, and the benefits of the Amsted Advantage to give you peace of mind.

Past clients Mike and Louise P. found themselves in a bind last fall when they discovered a leak in their home that had been going on for some time and had caused major damages behind the exterior stucco wall. Their insurance company refused their claim, which meant they were going to have to pay for repairs themselves.

“We reached out to Amsted and they immediately helped with our problem. Their team of professionals from the owner, engineers and trades were so very helpful in repairing the damage so that not only was the project excellently done, the finished work matched the colour perfectly.”

For more on this program, check the Home Care section on our site.