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Amsted on Ctv: Decluttering and Organizing Your Home

Posted April 14, 2017

Are you itching to make your spaces more efficient, but a renovation is not an option? In the second part of his latest appearance on CTV News at Noon, Amsted President Steve Barkhouse shows some organizing solutions that make use of the space you’ve got.

While it’s certainly easier to organize your space while you’re designing it, for many that’s not realistic; and it’s also not necessary! You don’t have to settle for your existing clutter and wasted space just because your rooms are set. There are lots of great options to improve the organization in your home that don’t require any renovating at all.

When clients aren’t looking for complete customization, but need better storage, we recommend the store Solutions. They have a variety of off-the-shelf options that many people don’t realize are available. Here are some of our favourites from the store:

Kitchen solutions

  • Click together drawer organizers: Rather than conforming to standard utensil holders they allow you to design each drawer for exactly how you use it
  • Lazy Susan bin: Collect similar items so that you can pull out exactly what you need; designed to fit full and partial units
  • Pot lid organizer: Keeps lids upright, separated, and easy to grab (featuring a version with removable and customizable plastic pegs)
  • Board holder: Over-the-door option that gives easy access for tall items such as sheet pans and cutting boards
  • Under sink shelves: More effectively use space under the sink; movable to accommodate your p-trap
  • Pullout cupboard baskets: Providing easier access to items; most commonly used in the pantry
  • Sliding waste and blue bins: On tracks and designed to fit under the counter.

Closet solutions

You can also get highly customizable closet solutions, and the folks at Solutions are even able to put together a 3D design so you can envision the space before you install.

The set up is very basic, needing only minor DIY skills. With a hanging rail, and just two uprights, you can begin to create a closet that better suits your needs. From there, choose from a variety of options including shelves, baskets, and task-specific items such as pant and shoe racks, you can create exactly the space you need.

Visit SOLUTIONS to see the whole range of options. And if you require any design support to help personalize the space, or carpentry help for building or installing, don’t hesitate to reach out! Our Project Coordinators and Service Department are available to support all of your home improvement needs.