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Amsted Volunteers at Camp Smitty!

Posted November 2, 2022

Our team had a blast volunteering at Camp Smitty again this year!

After 17 years of donating our time and talents to help upkeep the camp, we continue to be inspired by this magical place that helps hundreds of kids each year be able to experience the life-changing opportunity that is summer camp.

Never heard of Camp Smitty? Here’s what you need to know:

Before being renamed, Camp Smitty was known as Camp Minwassin and established in 1924. It was renamed to honour former CTV Ottawa sportscaster and NHL hockey player, Brian Smith, who was a huge supporter of the Boys & Girls Club (BCG) Ottawa and childhood camper and counselor at the camp. Brian “Smitty” Smith understood how important it was for all young people to have access to opportunities like camp and was passionate about raising support for BGC children to be able to attend camp.

Our team is humbled to have the chance to continue on Brian Smith’s legacy of giving. We build decks, we roof, we lay flooring, we demo buildings, we paint, we clear forest paths, anything we can do to offset maintenance costs for the camp. It is a huge property with no shortage of upkeep but it’s not the work that keeps us coming back year-after-year. As a local Ottawa Business, we believe in supporting our communities and creating spaces that feel good to be in.

You can check out what we were up to in this 4-minute video!