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An Addition in the Winter? Absolutely!

Posted September 25, 2017

Think you can’t do an addition in the winter? It’s a misconception that you need to wait until Spring to “break ground”. The key is in the planning!

As we reach Autumn and the weather cools (or so we hope!), we often hear that people are putting off their major renovation plans to the New Year. No point in getting the ball rolling now if they have to wait until Spring to “break ground” anyways. But there’s no need to wait! With a little careful planning, not only can additions be completed in the winter, but it can actually be beneficial to start now!

But, you might say, it won’t be long until the ground is frozen solid, how would you dig the footings? When we know a project is coming, we can prepare the ground in order to mitigate the driving frost. Besides, but dry air and ground are actually better for digging foundations and pouring concrete than muddy ground and humidity.

Statistically, there are less days lost to weather in a winter renovation than at any other time of year. And if your addition is framed and closed in before spring rains hit, there will be fewer chances for rain delays that could mean no one is working on your home.

It’s also often easier to schedule trade partners because there is less demand, thanks to other homeowners who are waiting for spring. Less demand means you may be able to get permits faster as well as take advantage of more favourable manufacturer pricing, before the busy spring season results in a bump in prices.

Are you concerned about dust, fumes and staging areas for the work inside your home? Without the nice weather to open the windows or get outside, this can also be a common concern. But with today’s methods for controlling these issues, such as negative-pressure fans, plastic zip doors and heat duct filters, we are able to do a great job of containing debris and making it comfortable to live through the project.

So if you’re thinking of renovating, don’t hesitate to start your planning today. With careful consideration during the coming season, there should be no reason you can’t be comfortably living in your beautiful new space in no time!