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ATV Episode 13: Meet the Amsted Team

Posted June 25, 2018

On ATV, we’ve been sharing a lot about the process of design-build; now, let’s start to meet the Amsted team. A common question we get is: What’s the difference between a Project Co-ordinator and a Project Manager? Amsted President Steve Barkhouse explains.

Project Co-ordinator

A Project Co-ordinator at Amsted is there from start to finish and beyond. They will come to see you at your first meeting and they’re the ones who take your wishes, wants and dreams and turn them into reality.

They take you through the design process and will be there with you through your design decisions and all the way through construction and warranty. They will have you as a client for life.

Project Manager

The Project Manager comes in a little later in the process. They come in and look at the details of the construction.

They check things out early on and make sure everything is going to work when we start construction and they’re responsible for the construction on site, ensuring every detail is taken care of so that you envision and move into the home that you saw from the beginning.

The benefit of having both the Project Co-ordinator and the Project Manager on a project is that, in design-build, it’s a seamless process. It moves from design, into construction and all the way through warranty with the same team, with one point of responsibility.

And these people work together with you all the way through the project.

Next time: The value of an in-house design team

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