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ATV Episode 2: What Is Design-Build?

Posted January 17, 2018

What is design-build and why is it the best option for homeowners seeking to renovate? In the second video in our ATV series, President Steve Barkhouse explains it all!

We think the concept is so important that we include it in our company name! Having a design-build team work for you offers many advantages over simply hiring a general contractor.

Think of it as one-stop shopping. Rather than having to go to one company to create a design for your project, and another to do the construction, design-build combines the process from vision through to completion under one roof for a seamless renovation.

So, what are the advantages?

  • It’s more cost effective.
  • There’s improved communication.
  • It results in greater client satisfaction.

The design-build process offers peace of mind for you, the client, and the reassurance to know that you’ll only have to deal with one point of responsibility all they way through the project.

It enhances creativity in the design while meeting your budget because both sides of the process are collaborating. And it encourages communication and participation.

Unless you have a specific architect whose designs you want to incorporate into your home, we encourage you to consider design-build for your next project.