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ATV Episode 8: Step 5 of Our Proven Process – The Construction Phase

Posted April 8, 2018

In these videos we’ve been explaining the process of design-build and it’s taken eight episodes to get to the most visible part: the renovation construction. The fact that it has been this many steps to get here shows the level of detail we devote to every project. Here’s what’s involved at this stage.

By this time, you’ve signed a construction contract, which means we can now:

  • Start ordering materials
  • Apply for a building permit
  • Stage the project so it’s ready for construction.

We’ll hold a pre-construction meeting with you to set expectations, while on the job site you’ll see our mobilization efforts as we protect your home from damage, dust and dirt, and make it safe and secure for everyone who’s working on the site.

During construction, we’ll hold weekly meetings with you where the project manager can go over:

  • What happened in the past week
  • What’s coming up this week
  • How we’re doing on the schedule
  • Any design decisions that need to be made
  • And, most importantly, how everything is going with you, the homeowner.

All of this is done so that we can exceed your expectations. And design-build facilitates the construction process by setting and exceeding expectations with regards to budget, schedule and quality every step of the way.

In our next video: Enjoying your new space!

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