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Back-To-School Renovation Ideas

Posted September 15, 2020

Though the Back-to-School season looks a little different this year, it’s time to start planning and prepping for its arrival. These helpful renovation ideas will set your kids up for success, whether they’re learning virtually or spending their days in class. Thoughtful touches to your existing spaces will help them ace the academic year ahead!

Kitchen Work Desk

Working at the kitchen table can be a challenge for children. Clutter can be detrimental to productivity and concentration, so having a proper workspace is key. Enter the kitchen work desk. The kitchen is the heart of your home, adding an office to this room can help them stay connected while they work. A simple installation of a countertop and drawers makes for a sleek built-in that doesn’t take up valuable kitchen space.

Work Nook

Small actions often have the biggest impact. This is the case for the work nook. Tucked away in a corner, this tiny workspace is perfect for generating big ideas. Steal a little square footage from the laundry room, bedroom or basement for a cozy and productive workspace. Make the most of your vertical space by including a bulletin board and shelving with under-cabinet lighting.

Multipurpose Room

Utilize your mudroom, laundry room or sunroom to its full potential by adding a workspace! Including a full-size desk in this space creates a quiet getaway perfect for getting productive. Students can get cracking at the full-size built-in desk while a load of laundry runs and stay on top of every task with built-in file drawers.

Laundry Room Storage

Studies state that a cluttered and dimly lit workspace could cause your concentration and productivity can take a hit. Fight this by installing some simple storage solutions. Consider adding a built-in bench for keeping coats, backpacks, hats and shoes in a central location. Your student’s books, supplies, devices and chargers can also be neatly tucked away when class is finished.

Kitchen Bench and Storage Hub

Similar to the storage solution described above, the kitchen bench and storage concept solves more than one problem at a time. Put that corner of your kitchen next to the garage to good use by implementing a storage unit that matches your kitchen cabinets. Add a small chalkboard for last-minute reminders, and include drawers and hooks and a charging station to stay on the ball and keep clutter concealed.

Basement Office

Last but certainly not least is the basement office. Perfect for getting some serious work done, this quiet and low-traffic area can easily be converted into a workspace by adding a full-size built-in desk. Maximize its potential by including lots of storage and organization features, and charging stations to keep your student’s workflow moving.


Got some ideas of your own? Not sure which solution is right for you? Our team of experts can help you figure it out. For all your remodelling and renovation needs, Amsted Build-Design has got your back. Give us a call or send us an email to get started!