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Behind the Scenes at Amsted: Meet the Team 10

Posted June 17, 2019

For quite some time now, we’ve been introducing you to the members of our team through a series of questions and answers. We have such an awesome team that we are thrilled to share them with you! Today’s trio includes two who have been with us for some time — Stephanie and Chris — and one who’s brand new — Amy!

Stephanie F.
Marketing Manager

What do you do?
I work in marketing, focusing on both internally creating a great team and a great place to work and externally showcasing to Ottawa homeowners what Amsted is all about (and why you want to work with us! ).

Fave project?
My response has to be a little different here, because I don’t work specifically on any projects. But I can say that some of my most memorable experiences with clients are when I’m fortunate to go in and take photos of the finished result. If I’m lucky, I get the chance to speak with the clients a little bit, and when they share how the project has transformed their lives — it always leaves me with goosebumps.


For one family this included (among other things) expanding their kitchen to include a peninsula that’s allowed their young kids to pull up a stool and become involved in creating their own healthy lunches. For another it was creating a passageway between the kids’ rooms that allowed them to still maintain a connection but which could provide privacy as they grew into teenagers. And another who told us at the end of the project that they could finally imagine how great their life could be once they retired because we had proven that it was truly “good to be home”. It’s always something a little different, but there’s always a story there — and that makes them all memorable!

Away from work I…
Soak up time with my son! I’m in my first month of returning to work after maternity leave, so it’s been a transition. And at one year old and wanting to walk everywhere, he keeps us very busy!

Fave project in your own home?
Hands down my son’s nursery. Since he’s still so young, I thought it would be a better idea to make his room one that I would enjoy, but that would allow us to make simple decor changes as he came into his personality and developed his own interests. So, for now, it’s a serene white room with greenery and I just love it. Thankfully, because I spent hours and hours in it over the past year!

Best part about working at Amsted?
I think because I’m fresh off a year of being away, I’m in a position to say that I honestly love everything. From the awesome staff and the incredible culture that feels seamless to fall back into, to seeing the work we do with our incredible clients who trust us with their homes and their dreams, and even jumping back into the nitty gritty day-to-day tasks. It’s all good in my opinion! Who wouldn’t want to work here?

Chris M.
Architectural Designer

What do you do?
I meet with homeowners to help them put their dreams for their spaces onto paper in a way that our team can build them. I also have some experience with the city and like reading rules, so I help interpret zoning and other regulations in advance of starting projects.

Fave project?
We’ve had a lot of different projects so picking a single most memorable one isn’t really possible — maybe a top 10. In one we fit a laundry room into a space where the owners thought it would be a “miracle” to do so. I also worked on a project to add a rooftop living space to the home of some longtime clients that they refer to as their cottage. And we designed a triplex on a very complicated site a few years ago that offered some different regulatory challenges to overcome. The rest of the top 10 should probably wait for a larger space.

Away from work I…
Do spend time playing video games — especially ones with a historical or architectural element. We have a large aquarium at home with some rather unusual fish, and a substantial collection of Lego. I’ve got two kids as well, so there’s plenty of chasing them around to sports and activities. And I coach curling.

Fave project in your own home?
There’s a lot on the go, but the Lego room is probably the favourite. Other than some cool lighting fixtures it’s not particularly interesting, however, we do spend a lot of time in it.

Best part about working at Amsted?
The interesting variety of projects.

Amy D.
Project Coordinator

What do you do?
My official title is project coordinator, but I am more of a trusted adviser, always looking out for what is best for the client, and right-sizing them to their renovations to ensure they are able to fulfill their dream while staying within their budget and timeline.

Fave project?
Being in this role for only three months, I have not worked on too many jobs. The most memorable job site I have been to would have to be a custom home in McKellar Heights. To be able to get a tour of a fully accessible home with an elevator in it was amazing to see.

Away from work I…
Love to play hockey, travel and be outdoors.

Fave project in your own home?
I love my kitchen.

Best part about working at Amsted?
The people that I work with are what make Amsted such a great workplace. There’s so much teamwork and encouragement. The environment has positive energy, with support and the mentality of “No man left behind.”

There is a quote that comes to mind that makes me think of Amsted:
“I can do things you cannot, you can do things I cannot; together we can do great things.”
— Mother Teresa

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