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Behind the Scenes at Amsted: Meet the Team 11

Posted August 19, 2019

For several months we’ve been periodically introducing you to the members of our fantastic team. We would not be the company we are without them and it’s a pleasure to share them with you. This time you’re meeting Kevin, Hugh and the big guy — our founder Steve.

Kevin C.
Project Coordinator

What do you do?
I help guide my clients through the Amsted proven process to achieve their dream renovation!

Fave project?
It’s difficult to pick one project as I have worked with so many great clients and fantastic projects. Some highlights would be a new two-storey addition with great entertaining space and additional bedrooms so kids no longer needed to share rooms; or a luxurious ensuite bathroom complete with a steam shower; or a new finished walkout basement area that will bring the outside living space inside with floor-to-ceiling folding glass doors. There are too many to choose from.

A two-storey addition at the rear of the home allows for a large open-concept floorplan with expanded gourmet kitchen.

Away from work I…
Spend time with my family, but more specifically pretty much anything sports related. I have 4 kids, all in competitive sports, so you could say I am a specialized sports taxi service. I myself still play volleyball and soccer when I can fit it in.

Fave project in your own home?
This has to be our mudroom! Last year, we took down a wall between an existing office space and mudroom area and converted the whole space to one giant mudroom. With 4 kids, school bags, sports bags and equipment, there can never be enough space!

Best part about working at Amsted?
Definitely the reactions and appreciation received from clients when you hand over their new space! These memories and fulfillment are irreplaceable and is why I enjoy going to work every day and changing lives!

Hugh T.
Project Manager

What do you do?
I work as a Construction Project Manager along with Jason, Guy, Paul, Marty and Dan as part of Michael B.’s team.

Fave project?
Over the years I have worked on the reconstruction of almost every major bridge in the National Capital Region, built railroads between Montreal, Peterborough and Belleville, restored Victorian mansions in Cambridge ON, and have enjoyed many residential projects in Ottawa too numerous to count.

During all of this I have worked on some of the oldest homes in Ontario and several log structures — the oldest home I have worked on was originally built in 1820. As a result, I consider myself quite specialized in the combining of new construction with older homes.

There is a lot of gratification that comes from restoring an ‘Old Dame’ to her previous grandeur. Sadly, that is expensive and very time consuming and hard work to come by. My long-standing interest in architecture allows me to enjoy equally in the construction of new designs for future generations to restore long after we are gone.

Away from work I…
I am a man of eclectic interests. Music and time with my daughter are incredibly important in my life. I am currently between motorcycles but anxious to have my next mount. Among other things, I love art, good literature, I am a certified coach and instructor in several sports and was a senior first-aid and on-hill rescue instructor with the Canadian Ski Patrol for 13 years. I still ski for recreation (downhill and cross-country), I shoot competitively, run, cycle and enjoy time being active, working out… and, of course, relaxing with a good pint.

Fave project in your own home?
Do you mean this month? LOL

I am currently planning and getting ready to gut and rebuild my kitchen. As someone who really enjoys cooking and food, I am looking forward to the improved comfort and functionality it will provide, and to having a place to better enjoy time with friends.

Best part about working at Amsted?
Without a doubt it is being part of a team.

Steve B.

What do you do?
My role is:

  1. Cheerleader: My job is to get the good news from all areas of the company and make sure it is shared with the entire team so we are all informed and having fun.
  2. Designated Old Fart: To share my extensive experience with all who seek it (and some who don’t).
  3. Visionary: I am provided this opportunity by our strong team (who manage the day-to-day of Amsted with passion and care) to work on the business, look ahead, forecast and plan, identify and share best practices and to steer our company based on our vision, mission and core values.

Fave project?
We have done incredible, life-changing projects for our clients that I am very proud to have been a part of. However, the greatest thing we have ever built is our amazing team and the best project that team has performed is the 15+ years of annual volunteer work for the Boys and Girls Club at Camp Smitty. We have helped to transform that camp, which is able to provide such great experiences for Ottawa youth. I am amazed each year with our team, who give of themselves and their families to illustrate who we are and what we stand for and to make a difference.

Away from work I…
Like to be with family and friends, tinker, be outdoors, travel, sleep.

Fave project in your own home?
If outdoor living counts, my backyard. We have built two cabanas with a kitchenette and washroom, great grilling station, screened area, pool, gardens… always something to tinker with but I love it.

Best part about working at Amsted?
Customers (who we define as clients, partners and fellow team members). I am blessed to work with so many talented, caring, fun people. I have learned so much from them and they have made my life so fulfilled it is unbelievable.

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