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Built-in Seating Is 2020’s Coziest Trend

Posted February 3, 2020

According to Dwell magazine, one of the trends for 2020 is built-in seating. We couldn’t agree more, in fact, built-in seating is a feature we’ve been big on for some time.

“Be it a window-side perch with a great view or cozy reading niche, seating that’s built-in adds character to a room and can be an excellent space-saving technique,” Dwell says. “Fun architectural details like this are going to have a big moment in 2020.”

We’re all for it! Here are some of our favourite built-in seating renovations.

Part of a larger award-winning main-floor revamp that opened up the kitchen and dining room and family room, this window bench was integrated in the dining room to maintain continuity in the millwork and act as storage.

This addition created space for an eating area that bridges the kitchen and family room. In this case, wraparound bench seating grounds the open-concept space and provides an inviting spot to settle in.

In this Centretown project, the homeowners wanted a design that favoured minimalism and incorporated multi-purpose elements such as built-ins and half-walls that would add storage without interfering with sight lines.

Basement living space with built in seating

A built-in reading nook tucked into the wall behind the ping pong table is a great example of consideration given to the entire family’s use of space. Often the basement is a space for family to gather around a TV. But this family also wanted a quiet space for their kids, who love to read.

built-in seating Amsted Design-Build Ottawa renovations kitchen table bench

A dining space need not be large if you maximize its potential. This nook comfortably seats six for dinner or more for games night, with plenty of built-in storage that’s also visually appealing.

Even our newest Living Room Presentation Centre in the Glebe boasts a cozy window seat in one of the meeting rooms. Making the space feel like home is just as important as having space to work!

Whether you’re looking to add a cozy reading nook, maximize seating space, or create a unique dining area, built-in seating is a simple feature that makes a huge impact.