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Calling All Guests | Renovation Tour

Posted March 26, 2021

Hosting extravagant dinner parties is hard work but it’s even more difficult without the right kitchen. That’s why we installed new appliances and created a brighter, more functional design make for the owners of Meadowbank! Dinner parties have never been easier.

New and Improved

Our client had been wishing for their dream kitchen for years. Their old appliances had finally wheezed their last breath and the cramped kitchen space wasn’t cutting it for their frequent dinner parties. It was time to make their dream a reality!

Every inch of the kitchen was optimized and it essentially doubled in size thanks to the reimagined layout. The improved island and quartz countertops provide integrated storage solutions for appliances and their naturally cool temperature makes baking so much easier. The new butler’s pantry makes serving and entertaining a breeze and the age-in-place features and ergonomic fixtures mean they can do it as long as they want! 

More Space and Light

By removing walls, the space was opened and brightened up. Creating more space was a part of their dream but no open-concept or modernity was sought after, so we kept the kitchen traditional, practical, and cozy.

We relocated the bathroom to create even more space for storage and mobility. The timeless finishes and unique backsplash create a traditional and stylish vibe that suits the owners perfectly. Their new herb shelf soaks up the sun nicely under the new bay window which floods the kitchen with natural light.

Send the Invitations

Improvements made to the layout ensure that large gatherings are now easier to host than ever before! Our clients can now return to their busy life of cooking and hosting without any setbacks or compromises.

We can help make your dreams a reality too! Discover the Amsted Advantage. For all your remodelling and renovation needs, Amsted Build-Design has got your back. Give us a call or send us an email to get started!