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Creating a Focal Point | Bentgrass

Posted January 27, 2021

A staircase may be a functional necessity in your home, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful too. Smooth curves, clear sightlines and a modern aesthetic turn this everyday element into a showstopper thanks to the homeowners’ vision and the Amsted team’s ingenuity


The Curved Stairwell

The old carpeted staircase was making our clients feel tired when they came home. Dull, drab carpet and a dreary colour palette created a cramped and lifeless space.

The staircase was reframed to create a unique, curved half-wall, whi

le the upper and lower railings were replaced with custom curved glass to open

the space and invite more light. The old carpet was removed and the steps were capped with an exotic wood that is durable, stylish, and easier to maintain. The deep wood flooring is complemented with neutral paint that helps to seamlessly integrate the modern styling throughout the home.

The once-dark entryway became energized. The newfound natural light makes the home appear bigger and brighter than ever before.

The Glass

The use of glass created clear sightlines within the space, no longer drenched in shadow. The curved glass was tempered and engineered to our clients’ exact vision.

The basement is now visible from the second floor, which in turn brings more light to the lower space of the home. This creates a sense of unity between the main floor and the basement.

The Basement

The updated staircase allows the basement to flow upstairs into the home more organically. Light can now flood the space and illuminate the dark exotic wood that did away with the old carpet.

Their home appears bigger, brighter, and more welcoming than ever before.

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