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Creating an Accessible Home

Posted May 27, 2024

To celebrate National AccessAbility Week, let’s focus on how we can craft a home that is customize to the homeowners’ unique needs and eliminate barriers.

Whether it is due to a sudden injury, disability, or simply the desire to live in your home for as long as possible – an Adaptiv Home Renovation can help. Adaptiv Home Renovation is an approach to home modifications for homeowners who want to stay in their home for as long as they can, regardless of age or condition.

During the planning phase of your renovation or custom home, we make it a priority to discuss the integration of accessible and Adaptiv features. From simple adjustments to full-scale remodels, we explore solutions that elevate comfort, universal design, and inclusivity.⁠ With Adaptiv certified designers on our team, we’re equipped to tackle a large array of modifications. Whether it’s installing curbless showers, widening hallways and entryways, increased lighting, or even adding an elevator, we’re passionate about crafting a home that fits all your current and future needs. ⁠

Wondering how accessible your home currently is? We’ve created a short quiz you for you to go through. which may point our some key design features you may want to consider for your next home renovation.

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