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CTV News – How much will 24 Sussex cost to repair?

Posted April 29, 2024


Did you catch Steve Barkhouse on Ottawa CTV News last week giving his expert take on how much it would cost to renovator the historic 24 Sussex Dr?

Renovating a project of this scale presents unique challenges. Not only is this the Prime Minister’s official residence, but it also holds historical significance and serves as a venue for various events and political functions.

Based on our 35 years experience and Design-Build approach, we know “that achieving the desired outcome will require meticulous planning, substantial investment in design and skilled labor. “I think it’s probably a year to get it designed properly, invest in that and I think you’re going to spend $5 million to 6 million on architects and engineers,” he [Steve] said. “I think it’s going to take another two years to get the job done and I think you’re going to be another $15 million to $20 million at the most.”

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