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Ctv News – Home Renovation Creates a More Cohesive Space

Posted August 5, 2021

If you love a dramatic renovation before and after, we have the goods for you today. Amsted Design-Build owner Steve Barkhouse appeared on CTV News at Noon to share how we transformed a house in the Civic Hospital area.

The home, which originally had a traditional Arts & Crafts style, became a modern, airy living space with plenty of natural light.

Transforming an Outdated Staircase

In the video, Steve tells host Leanne Cusack how we opened up a dark, heavy staircase to give it a more contemporary look. By removing the wall, using open risers and adding a glass rail we were able to achieve a more streamlined, open feel.

Removing Walls to Create Flow

As is the case with many traditional homes, the rooms were divided by walls that disrupted the flow of the space. Most of these walls were removed in the main living area, however we kept a small wall with a closet at the entryway to maintain functionality and add some definition to the space.

Renovating a Kitchen For a Bright, Airy Feel

Steve also talks about the breathtaking kitchen transformation. As the heart of the home, the kitchen deserves to shine. You’ll see in the video that this kitchen got the star treatment.

We removed the wall existing between a previous solarium addition and the home so that light could now pour in. The result is a bright, open space that looks nothing like the cramped, outdated kitchen it once was.

Now the owners can see their beautiful backyard as they sip their morning tea in their brand new kitchen.

Building a Strong Foundation

Don’t worry, Steve didn’t leave out the most important part of a home: a solid foundation. During the interview, he takes us outside to demonstrate how the right equipment makes it possible to build a foundation in tight spaces.

Just in case you’re looking for a construction technique to keep floors cool in the summer and warm in the winter, Steve talks about that too.

Watch the video to see the dramatic home transformation and how much it cost.