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Ctv News Ottawa: Renovations Done Right – Popping the Top on an Amsted Dream Renovation

Posted April 6, 2021

In case you missed it, Amsted owner Steve Barkhouse had the pleasure of joining CTV News Ottawa’s Leanne Cusak to discuss a home renovation and addition our team blew the roof off of… literally!

Watch Steve outline how the Amsted team transformed this fixer-upper into a beautiful open-concept living space for the family, complete with additional bedroom space, an in-law suite, and even a dog-wash!

If you’re feeling inspired to make some home changes of your own after giving the video a watch, check out our Seasonal Checklist for a quick but essential maintenance check-up you can undertake to ensure your home’s systems are running smoothly.


Please note, the price Steve shares of this renovation and addition does not include the landscaping. This was completed by Green Roots Landscaping. Check them out at https://greenrootslandscaping.ca to see what they can do for you!