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CTV News- Renovation Realities

Posted April 18, 2022

Everyone loves a good makeover, and the pandemic has led to an increase in home renovations over the past two years. Amsted Design-Build owner Steve Barkhouse gives us the inside scoop on the realities of renovating and the importance of planning, in this CTV News segment.

Renovate Or Wait

Steve shares with CTV host Leanne Cusack that you should absolutely consider proceeding with your renovations rather than waiting. He shares that the renovation market is hot and won’t be cooling down anytime soon! 

Possibilities When Planning Ahead

Planning ahead is important and Steve shows us what’s possible, with a walk-through of a beautiful Hintonburg home renovation! The home was completely transformed into a light and airy open-concept space perfect for any family. This re-imagined space created better flow through the home and made use of previous obstacles such as a post in the kitchen that was utilized to create a powder room. Although the downstairs was an obvious impressive transformation, the most unique part of the home was the treehouse bedroom addition. Many people don’t realize the details and obstacles you need to take into consideration when planning a renovation, and this was the perfect example. This addition was designed to incorporate the endangered tree beside the home and major planning was required by the City to protect the tree. This ended up working in their favour and a beautiful treehouse bedroom was accomplished. 

Trends That Have Emerged

Steve gives us insight into some of the trends that have emerged due to the pandemic, such as home offices and fitness areas. With more people working from home, creating a space to stay productive has remained a priority for many. More people have resorted to home workouts and make-shift gyms and there has been an increase in at-home fitness areas. The pandemic has made us far more cautious about germs and keeping our homes clean which is why touchless fixtures such as taps have become popular. 

Watch the full video for more on renovations and planning ahead!