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Design-Build in Brockville

Posted February 15, 2023

If you’re planning a home renovation project, chances are you’ve come across the term “Design-Build”. But you may be wondering – what does a Design-Build company do and how is it different from a contractor or typical renovator in the Ottawa and Brockville areas?

What is Design-Build anyway?

As the name implies, Design-Build companies handle both the design AND the construction of your custom home or renovation, all in one place.  They are an integrated solution that works hand in hand to take your project off your to-do list and, finally, bring it to life. (Take a peak at the Gallery for the visual proof!)

Why is Design-Build a better option than hiring a designer and contractor separately?

While there are designers who can design individual rooms for you, design-build designers like ours plan each room to fit cohesively into the larger picture.  From kitchen renovations, bathroom renovations, and everything in between, they have the skills to bring it all together so your home doesn’t look like it’s been Frankensteined together piece by piece.

The design-build process also means that you don’t have to source a whole bunch of different trades and partners to get your renovation done.  And you don’t have to vet everyone who works on your home – design-builders, like us, do that for you.  We have an in-house team of carpenters and a trusted team of trade partners who consistently deliver top quality workmanship.  It’s an all-in-one solution that will let you reclaim your time and reduce your stress.

Most importantly, the design and construction folks are part of the same team.  Communication across each stage of your project is seamless and any concerns are dealt with collaboratively, instead of pointing fingers at an external source.  This results in a smoother process with less issues throughout your project.  The design-build model protects you with its built-in accountability.

Need to know more still about the difference and benefits?

Want more info on the design-build process and why it can benefit you?  Read our article on 5 benefits of the design-build process and how they simplify your project. Or visit our Design-Build Services page for more on our expertise in different project areas (whole-home renovations, additions, exterior renovations, and more!).

Do you have specific questions you’d like answered about Design-Build?

If you are considering a renovation in Ottawa, Brockville or anywhere in between, and want to make sure you have your bases covered, you may find it helpful to sign up for our next free Renovation Seminar where we go over the design-build process in more detail and discuss how you can ensure your renovation project doesn’t end up as a cautionary tale to others.

Other resources you may find helpful if you are researching an upcoming renovation include our Kitchen Planning Guide or Amsted TV Videos.

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