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Employee Spotlight: Chris Mulholland, Architectural Designer

Posted September 16, 2021

This month’s employee spotlight features Christopher Mulholland. Christopher has been an architectural designer with Amsted for eleven years. Read on to discover why he excels at his job, and how he uses his expertise to advocate for homeowners.

Continuous professional development

Christopher loves the versatility of his job, which involves designing family homes and multi-unit developments. “It never gets boring,” says Christopher.

Thanks to Amsted’s dedication to professional development, Christopher has been able to continuously build upon his expertise. He regularly participates in courses and seminars offered by the Greater Ottawa Home Builders’ Association (GOHBA), as well as The Building Show in Toronto. Most recently, Christopher participated in the EnerQuality Advanced Building Science workshop, which focuses on energy efficient construction. He also enjoys working closely with the GOHBA to improve the industry.

An advocate for homeowners

Christopher is Amsted’s go-to expert on city regulations and bylaws, which are constantly changing. Energy efficiency regulations and zoning by-laws can be especially confusing for homeowners. Christopher helps clients breathe easy knowing that their renovation will be up to code.

As a member of the Urban Infill Council with the GOHBA, Christopher is passionate about advocating for homeowners. “The goal is to help make sure there is still room for renovations without too much regulation in the way,” says Christopher.

Barking up the right tree

Christopher has excelled at his career because of his ability to listen. “I listen to clients and, I know this might sound hokey, but I also listen to the home.”

We can see the power of Christopher’s listening skills at play in his work on the project above. This renovation involved giving the home an updated look and improved functionality, while respecting its vintage character.

The result is a hybrid open-concept home that kept the cozy charm of some of the original wall divides. Meanwhile, the back of the home was opened up to allow for stunning views of the backyard.

The most captivating feature of this renovation is the “tree house” master bedroom. The design team was able to achieve a sense of adventure within the home without compromising the health of the tree.

Renovation forensics

Christopher worked closely with the City to make sure that the tree house design adhered to code. He also ensured we were indeed permitted to build around the endangered tree that would provide the unique views from this room. A sample of the tree had to be sent for genetic testing to determine what precautions had to be followed to protect the tree and its roots.

Who knew home design [Link to: https://www.amsted.ca/news-videos/4-ways-the-pandemic-has-changed-home-design/] could be like an episode of CSI? Luckily, the test results indicated that the tree was a cross between a Butternut and Japanese Walnut, creating a more durable species that could withstand some disruption.

A brighter future for homeowners

Going forward, Christopher would like to continue working on different kinds of projects. He is especially enthusiastic about working on more multi-unit homes. “You can help more families at once, and have an impact on the street,” explains Christopher.

He is also passionate about making sure that the voices of homeowners are heard during city regulation discussions. Through his work with the Urban Infill Council, Christopher provides advice to the City on making bylaws, which can disproportionately affect homeowners. “The rules are creating complicated, unintended consequences for homeowners that aren’t entirely fair,” says Christopher.

Luckily, Christopher is dedicated to helping build better homes and a brighter future for homeowners. We’re so happy that he’s part of the Amsted team!

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