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Ensuite Transformation &Amp; Fun With Tile

Posted March 11, 2019

In his latest appearance on CTV News at Noon, Steve shared an ensuite transformation that is not only a relaxing retreat, but an example of how you can have fun with tile and stone while keeping things light and airy. (See the link below to watch the video.)

The existing space was dated. The homeowners wanted to invest in this room as it is their forever home and they enjoy taking baths to relax. The homeowner also loves tile and knew what she wanted. She had fun picking all of the tile and we enjoyed helping give her the ensuite of her dreams.


Before: A hexagon-shaped shower with terracotta ceramic tile was the focal point of the bathroom. It had one shower head and no toiletry storage.

After: The shower is now square-shaped and has two shower heads. A niche with two shelves sits in the middle to store soaps and shampoos. The tile detail includes a mix of polished, matte and natural stones in neutral colours on the floor and in the niche, which perfectly offset the matte “marble look” 12×24 porcelain tiles on the wall.

A granite sill surrounds the shower glass at the bottom. This is from the same slab as the vanity countertop.


Before: The irregular-shaped mirror, laminate countertop and basic hardware were outdated and lacking the bright, airy feel the homeowners desired.

ensuite transformation amsted design-build

After: The countertop was upgraded to granite with the stone carried down the side of the vanity to the floor for a seamless, clean look. The cabinets were refinished in a bright white and black knobs were installed. And a modern, round mirror backlit with LED lighting replaces the old mirror.


Before: The built-in jacuzzi surrounded by tile closed off part of the room. The homeowners wanted it to feel open, light and bright.

ensuite transformation amsted design-build

After: The new standalone tub opens up the space and allows for a side table as well. After the renovation, the homeowners decided to install an electric fireplace to add to the ambiance. This fireplace has controls to change the colour of the flames along with temperature.


Before: Floor tiles crept up the wall at different heights in different parts of the room.

After: Now the ensuite has large trim framing the new flooring and tying in with the cabinets’ bright white colour. The trim continues out of the ensuite in a seamless transition to the master bedroom.

Watch the full CTV video.