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How Our Proven Renovation Process Helped These Homeowners Love Their Home

Posted April 30, 2018

Our feature project this week speaks to two key renovation issues: how to help homeowners love their home again; and the importance of the process. And the finished result is a stunning example of how one (our Proven Process) led to the other (a home our clients adore).

The home was an older one – built in the 1930s – in an established west-end neighbourhood that the homeowners had been in for five years. As is often the case with our clients, they loved the location but were less than enamoured by the house itself. It was plagued by an awkward layout that left several unused or underutilized areas on the main floor and a second storey that would quickly be too small for their growing boys.

The owners understood and valued the need for plenty of planning before construction would begin and after seeing our signs “all over our neighbourhood for years,” as they noted in a fabulous review they’ve since given us on Houzz, they worked tirelessly with Paulette and others to “finalize every aspect of the design and selections: from floor plans, to kitchen and bathroom design and everything in between. Paulette and her team made the selection process as smooth as possible.”

So, what did we do?

To give them the functionality they needed, we proposed a second-storey addition along with a complete interior redesign. On the main floor, we relocated and expanded the kitchen, opening it up to a newly adjacent living room, while the dining room takes its place at the front of the house. The mudroom was relocated and reconsidered to improve flow in and out of the home.

Upstairs, the addition allowed us to create a master suite for the parents, leaving two large rooms for the boys plus a new laundry room, which was moved upstairs for easier access.

“We were extremely pleased with the work, craftsmanship and attention to detail Amsted put into our home,” the owners say in their review. “The dedication and ownership of project that we saw from Paulette MacGregor has continued to impress us, six months after move-in date.”

Their new, functional and beautiful space means their home can truly be what they wanted it to be: their forever home.

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And don’t miss the beautiful photos below!