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In the Citizen: Rescued From a 1980s Outdated Reno

Posted August 28, 2017

We’re often called in to help homeowners who love the potential of their home, if not its outdated reno. That’s what happened with this Centretown home, which was renovated with a two-storey addition in the 1980s.

Unfortunately, while the home’s square footage had been increased, the current homeowners struggled to integrate the old with the new.

An oversized fireplace and awkward jogged walls added to the challenges on the main floor, along with dated finishes. On the second floor, a poorly configured layout was not functional for this expanding family.

The spaces needed both a rethink and a modern touch to meet the family’s minimalist aesthetic. The result is a fresh, open, functional and inviting home for the whole family to enjoy. And it includes a refreshing minimalist ensuite that has been included in two articles and saved nearly 2,000 times on the home inspiration platform Houzz.

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Here’s a gallery of photos, plus you can see more photos here.