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Inspired Ideas: Mixing Materials Makes a Statement

Posted July 24, 2017

Are you on the hunt for ideas to help spark your creative juices when it comes to your next renovation project? We love it when we have inspiring examples we can share. One of our favourite trends this year is the focus on mixing materials for a unique finished result.

 In this first example, the transition between a kitchen and living room gets a fun treatment as the hexagon tiles gradually merge into the hardwood flooring.

Rather than creating a straight line to divide the two, we eliminate the need for a transition strip by cutting the wood flooring to match the tile, instead of the other way around. It’s a decision that creates a beautiful detail in the space.





In a more streamlined example, a fireplace surround adds drama through contrast when four different materials are used to create this customized feature.

Black site-cut metal surrounds the electric fireplace, which is then framed by dark slate tiles before being capped by hardwood and trim.

The dark and light juxtaposition makes for a striking element in this space.

And in our Beechwood Village Living Room, or satellite office, the mixing of classic pale brick veneer next to sleek oversize wall tiles that are similar in colour to the linear fireplace, and then trimmed by a wide band of medium-stained walnut creates an overall warm and sophisticated look that welcomes clients.

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