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Main-Floor Reno Wins Canadian Home Builders’ Association Award!

Posted April 3, 2018

We are thrilled to announce that a recent renovation project has garnered national attention, winning top prize from the Canadian Home Builders’ Association! The main-floor overhaul transformed a dark and dated home into a bright, open and welcoming space.

Nominated along with four other projects from across the country in the category of Whole House – under $150,000, our “Colour and Light” project was also a finalist at the local housing awards put on by the Greater Ottawa Home Builders’ Association in the fall.

The project speaks to the desire of many of our clients today who want to create more functional space out of their homes, designing an open concept, maximizing spaces and creating a cohesive look throughout.

Read more about the awards in this Ottawa Citizen story.

And here’s a gallery of this exciting award-winning project: