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Main-Floor Renovation Named a National Awards Finalist!

Posted February 20, 2018

We were thrilled to learn recently that a recent Barrhaven renovation project has been named a finalist in the CHBA National Awards for Housing Excellence. Take a mini tour with us through the project to discover why we think it’s so special.

If you follow our blogs, this home may look familiar. We highlighted it when it was a finalist for the local housing awards and it speaks to the desire of many homeowners today to turn their dated homes into more open and welcoming spaces.

This project required a thoughtful approach to maximize the available space, rather than looking to add on or radically demolish walls. We did remove the wall separating the kitchen and dining room for a more open and inclusive space that also builds in sight lines to the living room for an overall connected space, but mostly we wanted it to be as efficient and inviting as possible.

Making this main floor transformation light and bright were the keys to success on this project. Careful attention to detail was paramount to enhance the overall appeal and design, to improve functionality and use of space, and to integrate with the rest of the home.

The details included things like the coffered ceiling in the living room to visually expand the height, the window bench integrated in the dining room to maintain continuity in the millwork and act as storage, and the cherry butcher tops to subtly define the dining room from the kitchen.

New hardwood flooring was carried throughout the main floor to tie all the spaces together and the soft, timeless finish selections that were chosen will allow the homeowners to play with colour as their tastes change.

The CHBA awards are among the most prestigious in Canada and we are competing against the best of the best from across the country. And while we have been fortunate to take home the top prize on a national scale in the past, it is always an honour just to be chosen as a finalist.

We look forward to finding out who the winners are, which will happen at the association’s gala dinner on March 23.