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Meet One of Our Awards Finalists: A Kitchen Makeover With Character

Posted September 5, 2017

A kitchen makeover doesn’t have to cost a fortune to create a striking end result, as this finalist in the 2017 Housing Design Awards shows.

The dated kitchen was revived through a creative use of space and thoughtful, personalized touches for a kitchen that lives large and works well.

The fridge was relocated to the corner for easier access from other areas of the home, while small changes to other appliance locations created symmetry. At the same time, a spot was created on the opposite wall for a new showpiece cabinet.

Materials such as honed granite, butcher block, a matte granite sink and faucet, and matte painted cabinetry helped remedy a unique lighting challenge the homeowners faced: the sunlight coming through the window was beautiful, but could be blinding as it bounced off and around the space. The new finishes allowed them to instead enjoy ample natural light.

Personal touches include the red hutch, which matches the colour of the homeowner’s favourite team, cabinetry that reaches to the ceiling both for extra storage and to keep the cats from climbing, and butcher block to highlight the homeowners’ love of craftmanship.

If you like this project, consider voting for it!

Every year, the public gets to pick their favourite finalist in the Housing Design Awards to win the Ottawa Citizen People’s Choice Award. This year, things are being done a bit differently, with preliminary rounds of voting taking place now to come up with a shortlist of just 14 projects that will be pitted against each other in a final round of voting.

This kitchen is featured in the latest round of voting, which is open from Wednesday until Sunday. Help us get through to the finals by casting your vote today!