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Meet the Amsted Team 8: Say Hello to 3 of Our Project Managers

Posted April 15, 2019

Welcome to our Meet the Amsted Team series, where for the past several months we’ve been introducing you to our awesome staff. In this instalment, meet three of our Project Managers: Marty, Aaron and Jason.

A Project Manager oversees our projects from the start of construction until your renovation or custom home is finished!

Our Project Managers are also involved earlier in the process, coming in to check things out and make sure everything is going to work when we start construction. And they’re responsible for the construction on site, ensuring every detail is taken care of so that you will move into the home that you envisioned from the beginning.

Let’s find out a bit about Marty, Aaron and Jason!

Marty L.

Fave project?
A Westboro third storey/attic that we renovated into a master bedroom with an ensuite. This project was also the start of my transition from site carpenter to project manager.

Away from work I…
Playing guitar is my #1 for sure. I even have a travel guitar I bring with me wherever I go.

Fave project in your own home?
I would have to say the basement because my music room/man cave is down there. To be honest though, the whole house is my favourite because I bought my grandparents’ house. I am reminded of great memories every day and new ones are made every day as well.

Best part about working at Amsted?
The appreciation of what you do for fellow staff members, clients, trade partners… It’s a team effort to reach the same goal and that goal is success. This also ties in your opportunities to grow personally and professionally. All in all, you can’t really ask for more.

Aaron K.

Fave project?
I consider the most memorable project I’ve worked on to be our Courtland Park project. There were a great number of rare obstacles that presented themselves, all in the one project. Despite that, we were still able to make the end product as it was designed, creating happy clients.

Away from work I…
Some of my more notable pastimes are to design and build custom automotive parts and cars, research science and technology, and make attempts to solve long-standing technological obstacles to human evolution.

Fave project in your own home?
I have two favourite rooms in my house. One is my office, even though it might not be much to look at being walls, millwork and carpet, but the doored bookshelves keep the dust off my books, the murphy bed allows the room to function as a spare bedroom, and my standing office desk and computer are the recipient of much of my attention and spare time. The second room is my workshop, being a place that is best understood by an industrious person, and utilized by myself with righteous fervor, in pursuit of meaning.

Best part about working at Amsted?
Amsted gives me a meaningful purpose in what I feel can be described as improving others’ lives.

Jason L.

Fave project?
A full rebuild in McKellar Park. Great clients, very challenging build and an awesome “after”. (Sorry, we don’t have photos to show yet.)

Away from work I…
Spend time with my wife snowmobiling.

Fave project in your own home?
Dinning room. Built a really cool ceiling detail.

Best part about working at Amsted?
Working with awesome team members.

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