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On Ctv News at Noon: How Solving This Home’s Issues Led to Award-Winning Design

Posted November 6, 2017

It’s award season in Ottawa, which makes this a perfect time to explore how solving your home’s issues can lead to award-winning designs. In the first part of his most recent appearance on CTV News at Noon, Steve explores how solutions to challenges involving light, pets and an outdated space led to this spectacular transformation that just so happened to take home top prize at the Housing Design Awards this year.

Some homeowners do begin the planning stage of a renovation with the intention of creating award-winning designs, but most just want to solve the challenges of their existing space. They create award-winning design in the functionality and purpose of the finished result. Such was the case in the kitchen renovation showcased here, which won Traditional Custom Kitchen under 180 sq. ft. at the Greater Ottawa Home Builders’ Association Housing Design Awards last month.

Here are some of the project before and after photos.

If you’re looking for selections to help with your own lighting issues, Steve brought with him design solutions for just this purpose.

  1. For your countertops: Antique black granite, contrasted against a standard granite, from our friends at Deslaurier Custom Cabinets
  2. When considering your cabinetry: Shaker style cabinets in white matte finish and new flat panels with a silk finish, contrasted against the Legnano style in white high gloss also from Deslaurier Custom Cabinets
  3. For your kitchen faucet: Brushed metal finishes vs. standard chrome from our friends at Mondeau.