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Our 2nd Mid-Construction Tour Is a Success!

Posted May 15, 2018

This fun, behind-the-walls look at an Amsted project mid-construction let fellow homeowners see first-hand what goes on before the drywall is installed, giving those considering a renovation of their own a good idea of how and why things like insulation, solid framing and thoughtful design choices impact comfort, energy efficiency and budget.

This spring’s tour couldn’t have happened without the support of our clients, who graciously opened their home last weekend to dozens of other homeowners (and some curious neighbours!) so they could tour through three storeys of renovation and addition, getting an up-close look at the framing stage of a project.

Leading the tours were Amsted President Steve Barkhouse, Director of Design Chuck Mills and Project Manager Jason Labelle, who all explained why this stage is so important, as well as the vital steps of our Proven Process for a successful renovation.

Guiding the visitors through the site, they explained each aspect of the project itself. Things like missing insulation from the original builder were pointed out, along with the location of an old addition, and why it is being replaced with a new addition. Details like the type of floor joists installed and new roof lines were explained to show that it is not only just about updating and expanding the home, but making sure to rectify anything that may have been missed in earlier updates or worn down from age.

The tour also showed where supplies are kept when delivered to protect from the elements and theft, and full architectural drawings were posted to help visitors visualize what the finished project will look like.

Although the home appears from the front to be a complete re-build, original walls are more obvious in the back. A second-storey addition will take the home from 3,122 to 3,891 square feet, allowing for a redesign of the main floor and, on the second, four bedrooms, three bathrooms and a laundry room. The project also includes a renovation to the basement.

In the end, the seven-month renovation and addition will give this family of six the home of their dreams!