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Planning a Renovation? Join Us for a Primer on Making Your Reno a Success

Posted October 11, 2019

If you’re planning a renovation, get our advice on how to proceed by joining us at our latest reno seminar. Highlighting some of the common elements we see in urban homes, it’s free and it’s your guide to a successful renovation!

With 30 years of experience, Amsted is well known for creating successful renovation projects. Have a look through our website to find photos and testimonials of clients who have created their unmistakable home.

Now it’s your turn! We’re back with our popular seminar series, where you will gain valuable information about remodelling that will leave you feeling enthusiastic and well-prepared for your upcoming project.

Amsted architectural designer Greg Simpson will discuss how to select your renovator, and walk you through the process of Design-Build. In this unique seminar, Greg will address common concerns we see in urban homes (within the Greenbelt), as well as touching on budget, general pitfalls, and the innumerable benefits of planning.

In this interactive presentation, guests will be encouraged to participate and ask questions, and specific real-life details will be provided. Greg will take what most pre-renovation homeowners see as a daunting task and turn it into a smooth process that will ensure both a pleasurable experience for your family and a beautiful transformation of your home.


Saturday, November 2nd
10:00 a.m. — 12:00 p.m.
681 Bronson Avenue (at the corner of Powell Avenue) in the Glebe; street parking only
Coffee and muffins will be available.

Registration is now closed for this event. If you would like to be added to the waiting list, please email stephanie.fahey@amsted.ca and we will let you know if we have any cancellations!