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Protect Your Deck With These 6 Tips

Posted September 25, 2020

From BBQ dinners on the patio, sunbathing on the deck after swimming laps, and starry nights under the pergola, your backyard has made this summer one to remember. Nevertheless, as much as we hate to admit it, the harsh Canadian winter is well on its way. Be ready for it and protect your beloved deck with these tips.

Clear The Way

When closing your deck for the season, a thorough sweep is the first step. Leaving planters out all winter can lead to moisture leaching into the wood, leaving discolourations and rot. Be sure to stack and store your patio furniture for the season as well. Once all that’s out of the way, it’s time for the next step.

Sweep it Up

This step is key to giving your deck the long and happy life it deserves. Remove any and all debris to keep the surface clean. Any debris left over will absorb moisture and could damage your deck and cause it to deteriorate.

Scrub Away The Mould And Mildew

If your deck is on the older side, it’s likely that there are signs of mould and mildew between the boards and cracks. This is because, during the winter, the moisture on your deck attracts mould and mildew, causing a buildup. Thoroughly scrub your deck to remove as much as you can to prep it for the next step.

Apply a Repellant

Give your deck the ultimate protection against the winter weather with a high-quality sealant to fill cracks and coat your deck surfaces like a shield against moisture and ice. This step will have your deck look good and damage-free when spring arrives.

Wrap it Up

Stop the snow from seeping into your deck even further with a tarp. This added barrier will protect the surface from absorbing any moisture and prevent discolouration or rot.

Remove The Snow

Mounds of snow can ruin your deck. Carefully remove it by shovelling in the same direction as the boards run to avoid damaging the finish. Be sure to avoid using use salt or other ice-melting products on your wood surface to reduce the chances of discolouration.

Winter is coming but, if you follow these tips before it gets here, your deck will be in excellent shape come spring. For more tips and tricks, stay tuned for upcoming blogs and sign up for our newsletter!