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Safety Is Key Both for Us and Our Clients

Posted April 10, 2017

As of April 1, the province of Ontario has made it mandatory that anyone present on a construction site and at risk of a fall be trained, and be able to produce proof of training on demand. This is something that Amsted has always taken seriously.

It’s a top priority for us on each of our job sites to ensure the safety of everyone, whether our clients, our workers or our trade partners. Each of our partners¬†know that we require proof of training as part of our due diligence when¬†working on¬†our¬†projects.

Even non-construction staff who do not require this level of training but need to visit our sites know they must wear ministry-approved footwear and have hard hats with them while on site, both for their own safety and to help spread the message of heightened safety awareness.

Ottawa has been hit hard in the past two years with four construction-related deaths as well as construction-related fall injuries that have not been reduced in the last five years. We are wholeheartedly doing our part to keep everyone safe, and change these unfortunate statistics.