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Unparalleled Home Care Services in Ottawa and Brockville, ON

Your home is an investment, requiring regular care and attention. Home Care is our response to countless requests from past clients and Ottawa homeowners who are seeking quality and professionalism, but their project doesn’t require our full design-build service.

Amsted’s dedicated Home Care team is committed to supporting every service need of your home, allowing you to simply relax and enjoy it! Let our in-house team of Red-Seal carpenters and long-time trade partners bring their expertise to your home. Contact us today at homecare@amsted.ca!

Home Repairs & Custom Upgrades

We’re not only known for building award-winning homes—we can take care of those long-needed repairs and upgrades. If your project isn’t listed here just let us know and we’ll work with you to make it happen.

New Trim or Doors

How many times do we walk through the doorways in our homes throughout our lives? Just imagine how nice it would be to get those old doors and trim replaced. What a difference!


Over time the caulking around your home may start to peel and lose its ability to block out moisture. If this happens water damage can build up behind the tiles causing more serious problems down the road.

Roof Inspection and Repairs

Dark spots forming on the ceiling beneath your roof signals that water may be entering from above. This will slowly rot your roof if it’s not addressed quickly.


Scuffs, dents and scratches can build up on your walls over time. We can fix this for you and get some new colours into your home.

Developing Storage Solutions

Clutter builds up fast and can slowly bring a sense of disorder to your home. We can customize storage solutions for you and your family to let your space breathe.

Parging and Concrete

Parging is the process of applying a thin layer of concrete—like a veneer—to brick or concrete surfaces to cover up cracks. This thin layer breaks down over time and may need repairing to help your home look its best.

Siding, Soffit, Eavestrough

Water damage isn’t only a roof thing. It can happen on any of the exterior materials of your home. We can inspect this and repair if necessary.

Replacing Windows

High quality windows and frames can save you money in the long run by providing an excellent seal against the elements outside and buffer zones to keep the temperatures outdoors where they belong.

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Seasonal Maintenance


Each season brings challenges and routine maintenance needs. When you don’t have the time, skills, or desire to complete these tasks; we want to help! We work with you to create a list of seasonal repairs and schedule the work in advance to protect your investment and ensure your home remains in tip-top shape!

Let’s Chat

We look forward to talking with you about your project, explaining our process and the Amsted Advantage, and answering any questions you might have.