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Shades of Grey | Renovation Tour

Posted March 10, 2021

Without proper storage solutions in the kitchen, it’s easy for clutter to take center stage. These homeowners sought the expertise of our design-build team to create a more welcoming space by improving their storage woes and also adding seating. We helped reimagine their kitchen and transformed it into something they could truly enjoy. 



A New Kitchen Space

The dimly lit kitchen suffered from a lack of storage space and a dysfunctional flow. We began the kitchen remodel with an optimized floorplan to improve mobility, lighting, seating options, and storage solutions.

The new open concept and consistent colour scheme allow the kitchen to integrate into the rest of the home naturally. By removing the angled pantry and running the new cabinets to the ceiling, the ceiling appears taller, optimizing every inch. Updated flooring brings the neutral colour palette of the kitchen together. It’s easy on the eyes and blends in perfectly with the new cabinetry and appliances. The built-in appliances round out the new space, adding functionality, style, and allowing for increased storage to reduce their visual clutter.


Rethinking the Peninsula

The new floorplan gave the team enough space to add a functional new peninsula. This created a symmetrical space and promotes clear sight-lines through the new kitchen.

The seating options were increased and a personalized space for the owners was added. Now the family can enjoy each other’s company without sacrificing comfort!


Thoughtful Planning

We kept this project on budget and eco-friendly with careful foresight. The homeowners expressed their desire to reuse their existing quartz and integrate it into their new kitchen, so we did just that. We repurposed the kitchen sink and beautiful quartz pieces and the results truly speak for themselves. The family couldn’t be happier.


Are you ready to create your dream space? The Amsted Design-Build team is here to help!