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Showcasing Home Renovations on the 2nd Annual Reno Tour

Posted October 24, 2016

Amsted was proud to feature¬†a beautiful main floor renovation as one of 6 homes in Ottawa on the 2nd annual GOHBA¬†Reno Tour. If you missed visiting the home in person, we’re pleased to share the before and after¬†photos and project details here! We invite you to take a look through for some beautiful design inspiration.

This home was originally chosen out of necessity due to a sudden work move. The owners were making do, but as their family grew from 2 to 5 the inadequacies reached a tipping point.

A dark, sunken living room, poorly shaped dining room, inefficient kitchen and a strange, flexible space off the kitchen were among the problems on the list. The owners were confident an addition was the only solution. But when our design team considered the spaces in a general sense, they recognized there was plenty of space, just hidden by a poor layout. Repurposing the dining room allowed the family a much needed mudroom, designed with plenty of storage and bench seating. The kitchen would stay where it was, with good views to the backyard that allowed them to watch the kids while they played outside. But the layout and lack of windows needed improvement. The new design was carefully considered in collaboration with the owners, and along with the addition of a twin window and replacement of a full-height pantry with new eat-in peninsula, the space went from inefficient and dark to bright and functional.

In reconsidering the living room and foyer, an intrusive brick fireplace was the first thing to go. Creating a full wall in its place, the family now has a more purposeful area, with computer ‚Äúcommand center‚ÄĚ on one side and foyer closet on the other. Relocating the dining room and removing the wall to the living room, the family now had the perfect open concept layout, much more congruent with today‚Äôs living and their individual family needs.

And finally, with the savings realized from a more creative and efficient design that eliminated the need for an addition, the couple added a little something just for them, giving their aged ensuite a much-needed facelift.