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Steve Wins Prestigious Remodelers Advantage Impact Award!

Posted October 15, 2018

We’re thrilled to announce that Amsted President Steve Barkhouse has won the prestigious 2018 Remodelers Advantage Impact Award! Chosen from among the top renovation companies in North America, it’s an achievement that’s not easy to attain and one that is awarded after a lengthy process that involves peer recognition, meeting strict criteria and demonstrating a superior commitment to both our business and our community.

“We work hard to build a company that delivers a fantastic experience to our clients, and we hope this award will drive home to all the renovators out there that homeowners — our clients — deserve and appreciate professionalism and superior customer service,” Steve said after accepting the award.

Remodelers Advantage is an international support organization and resource for renovators that aims to help them improve company performance while leading more balanced and satisfying lives.

The Impact Award is presented annually to a member of the Roundtables Peer Groups, which were created to help renovation company owners create solid businesses. Steve was chosen by a highly esteemed panel of Remodelers Advantage Inc. judges from among a strong list of Roundtables members — there were more than 40 candidates, with Steve being the only one from Canada.

The Roundtables Peer Groups program brings together smart, savvy, non-competing company owners to share experiences and help one another improve company performance. Each member belongs to one of the Roundtables Groups, which meet twice annually.

At the conclusion of each Roundtables meeting, the members of their respective group vote for one exemplary participant to be named MVP of that meeting due to their demonstrated ability to implement significant and continual improvement in business performance, achieve superior results, demonstrate a spirit of generosity and sharing, as well as provide savvy insights to their peers.

The nominees for the Remodelers Advantage Impact Award are those Roundtables Members who have been voted MVP by their peers. From there, 10 semi-finalists, followed by four finalists and finally a winner are chosen from among the nominees who satisfy the judges with their answer to the question: “What does ‘having an impact’ mean to you and why is it important?” as well as their arguments as to why they should be chosen.

The judging was based on five main criteria: business performance, continual improvement, savvy advice to fellow members, generosity in helping fellow members succeed, and they had to have first been named MVP of their specific peer group — an honour that is based on a vote of their peers.

“I feel truly blessed to have found Remodelers Advantage 13 years ago,” Steve said in a video submission that was part of the awards competition. “I found that the more I shared, the more I got in return. With my Remodelers Advantage family as my board of directors, I have the confidence and tools to be a virtuous leader and serve as role model.

“Our corporate success has allowed me to grow a company that I am proud of and have a lasting impact on my community, team, friends and family.”

Steve’s win was announced at the Remodelers awards gala in New Orleans last month.

“Steve represents the motivated, performance-oriented business owner who thrives in our exacting peer group environment,” said Remodelers Advantage president Victoria Downing. “In addition to striving to be at the top of the industry, Steve also shares knowledge, expertise and experiences with peers across the United States and Canada, with the goal of helping all reach their personal and professional goals.”

Here’s why Steve is such a fan of Remodelers Advantage: