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Team Returns From a Successful Volunteer Weekend at Camp Smitty

Posted September 20, 2017

Every year staff from Amsted Design-Build and Promus Ottawa make time to come together and volunteer for a weekend at Camp Smitty, a Boys & Girls Club of Ottawa initiative that ensures kids of all means have access to the summer camp experience.

This year, our team reached nearly 60 people, as we were joined by several long-time partners, including Dumont Foundations & Interlock, Kelly Santini LLP, Stone Design Concepts, and Mary Clare Carter Interiors. Together staff and partners, along with their families, volunteered their time and skills to provide necessary upgrades to the Camp’s aging infrastructure.

Among the list of tasks accomplished, this hard-working group dug up and replaced an overgrown garden, replaced window handles and screens, secured building piers, added shelves to the Welcome Centre, repainted a deck, trimmed and painted several buildings, added another 50’ and a gate to the entrance fence, and finally, safely removed two crumbling additions from either side of a building which was otherwise secure.

“Even after more than 10 years of volunteering at Camp Smitty, I am always amazed by the incredible team that we have and their ability to get things done while having a great time” said Amsted’s owner, Steve Barkhouse. “We are proud of each of them for making the time and commitment to give back to those who sincerely appreciate it.”