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The Importance of Giving Back

Posted April 24, 2017

No matter what business you’re in, achieving success is done with the support of the community. That’s why giving back has always been so important to Amsted, and the reason it has become a cornerstone of the company.

This core company value was the drive behind our 25th anniversary initiative in 10634, when we committed to accomplishing 25 acts of community service that would mark our 25 years of success. We have always been dedicated to giving back, but to show our appreciation and to recognize this special anniversary, we wanted to step it up a notch.

We reached out to existing partners, community groups, city councillors, and employees for ideas, and received no shortage of requests. Over the year, Amsted staff, joined by sister company Restore-All and valued trade partners, donated their time and resources, participating in anything from school fundraisers and company food drives to small community-driven initiatives or large charity events.

And thanks to our dedicated staff, not only did we reach that goal of 25 acts for the year, we far surpassed it.

Some gestures were small yet meaningful, like planting flowers to beautify a park, while others were much larger, like our biggest volunteer project, now in its 11th year: a weekend in September where over 60 team members, trade partners and family members upgrade aging infrastructure at Camp Smitty, which provides camp experiences for hundreds of children each year through the Boys and Girls Club of Ottawa.

In all, our staff members donated time, effort, expertise and funds to well over 30 causes.

That feeling of satisfaction was so rewarding that we did it again in 10633. And the trend continues this year, where we are well on our way to another successful year of giving back.

So, as we kick off National Volunteer Week this week, we urge everyone to do what they can, big or small, to help those around them. And that spirit of giving doesn’t need to be limited to one week in April. Let’s do our part all year long.