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Ultimate Guide To Living Through a Kitchen Renovation

Posted March 16, 2022

Living at home during a kitchen renovation is an experience! As each day goes by, you see the material go from boards and boxes to the kitchen of your dreams. If you are gearing up for a kitchen renovation, and you want to know what to expect, read these five tips to prepare you for whatever comes your way!

Consider the Season

Have you ever thought about which season is the best for a kitchen renovation? Winter may seem convenient, since you are around your home more to oversee the progress. However, summertime is arguably the best season for a kitchen renovation because it tends to be easier to live without a kitchen in the summer. After all, there is nothing better than using your BBQ on a beautiful summer evening. Plus, since it’s warm outside you can even enjoy your meals on your outdoor patio.

While you may have little control over the schedule for when your kitchen gets renovated, if you can choose the time of year, certainly consider the warmer months and get ready to enjoy some extra time outside. 

Be Prepared

The better prepared you are before your old kitchen starts to get dismantled the better.

  • The first thing to do is to clear everything off of all of the kitchen countertops and floor and get it all in one place where you can organize it. Don’t worry, we will get to the cabinets in a moment!
  • Next, you will need to remove any photos or paintings you have on your kitchen walls and tuck them in a safe place for the duration of your project.
  • For the drawers, take the utensil trays out and cover the trays in plastic wrap. Non-sharp loose utensils can be put in large clear plastic bags so it’s easier to keep track of the contents. Be careful of knives though. For safety they should go in a separate container that won’t puncture
  • Keep the frequently used items, like your toaster, kettle, favourite spices and condiments, can opener, and dishwashing supplies. Of course, some cutlery, dishes and mixing bowls left out will help too.
  • If you’re installing new cabinets, there is a bit more to do. Empty your food cabinets starting with dry food (spices, canned goods, etc.), continue with your dishware, and put it all in one place for sorting.
  • Pack your utensils, dry food, and dishware into separate labeled boxes so they can be put into temporary storage. For dishes, place newspaper in between the dishes to help prevent breaking or scratching. Don’t forget to not put too many dishes into one box so they are easier to pick up and move.
  • If there is anything left in or on your cabinets, take these out too. If they aren’t used frequently, put them into labeled boxes.

Create a List

Of course, once you have everything taken out of the kitchen and tucked away, you will need to find it again. Label your boxes, and keep a list of each box’s contents so you can refer back to them in a pinch. For food items, jotting down expiry dates next to the item is a good best practice. Another good idea is to note where the boxes are in case you need to retrieve something quickly. This is especially handy if you need to store boxes in a few locations around your house. If the list is written, keep it pinned somewhere noticeable – like above your relocated coffee maker. Otherwise, a good cloud-based notes app will do just as well.

Make a Makeshift Kitchen

Makeshift kitchen sounds kind of fun, doesn’t it? Before your kitchen becomes unusable for a few weeks, allow some time in your schedule to organize supplies for your new temporary kitchen. If you are planning to cook on your BBQ, make sure you are stocked up on propane. If you have a minifridge tucked away in your basement, time to make sure of it! If you are wondering about washing dishes, check to see if you have a plastic tub that could be used for the task. Or would you rather use plastic cutlery during this time? There are plenty of options for making it work with a little ingenuity!

Meal Plan

When it comes to a makeshift kitchen, you’ll be able to cook some meals with the limited supplies and space you have. But let’s keep it simple — no five-course meals for the next few weeks. Although if you love pancakes for dinner and lots of sandwiches then you are in luck! However, if you’d like to enjoy some of your favourite, more filling meals throughout the kitchen renovation, you can. Simply make these meals beforehand and freeze them.

In addition, when creating your budget for your kitchen renovation, consider including money for takeout food and buying premade food. No matter how motivated you are to utilize your makeshift kitchen, there may be times where you just want that delicious multi-step meal. No worries, that’s what takeout food, Uber Eats and restaurants are for.  

Amsted is here to help

At Amsted, we specialize in design-build services to create a kitchen that fits your needs. From layout to selections, we love working with you to create the kitchen of your dreams. Our professional design and construction experts will work together to make your kitchen a space that you and your family will love and enjoy for years to come. Book your in-home consultation today!