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What’s Your Kitchen Style? 10 Designs to Choose From

Posted July 3, 2018

Choosing a kitchen style can be a daunting task. If there’s a kitchen reno in your future, do you know what your style is? Do you know what you want it to be? That’s where our design experts and partners can help guide you. To get your creative juices flowing, here are some of the most common kitchen styles to consider.

Traditional kitchens

The details are key in a traditional kitchen, where arches, decorative mouldings, raised-panel cabinets and furniture-like pieces reign.

Modern kitchens

Often referred to as contemporary, modern kitchens are what we typically think of today as European-style. They feature sleek and often horizontal lines, frameless, flat-paneled cabinets, an absence of ornamentation and a minimalist approach. Finishes are often reflective and materials high tech.

Contemporary kitchens

While contemporary kitchens will include modern elements, they have a bit more “give” in form and finishes. Contemporary merely refers to the style of “today”. Appliances are often disguised as cabinets and keeping things uncluttered is a priority.

Country farmhouse kitchens

As the name suggests, these kitchens are reminiscent of life on the farm, probably the first abodes where the kitchen truly was the heart of the home. They’re characterized by warm colours, open shelving, wide sinks, large communal tables and an eclectic mix of finishes for a comfortable, lived-in look.

Rustic kitchens

At one time this style may have meant worn or thrown together with whatever was at hand, but today it’s more a nod to the distressed and rough-hewn look a rustic kitchen inspires. Think plenty of wood and other natural materials such as stone, fireplaces and plank flooring.

Transitional kitchens

Probably the most popular style in Ottawa, transitional kitchens contain elements of the modern/contemporary and the traditional for a blended look. Shaker cabinets in a streamlined space are great examples of combining the traditional and the modern for a timeless look.

Craftsman kitchens

Created as a reaction to the fussiness of the Victorian era, the Craftsman style features rich woods, built-ins, handcrafted tiles and well-made simplicity.

Cottage kitchens

Cosy and comfortable are key in a cottage kitchen. Think beadboard, soft colours and vintage hardware. And, of course, curtains.

Classic kitchens

Combining elements of traditional and timeless features, classic kitchens are typically white or off white with simple architectural details and black accents to create a neutral palette to personalize.

Eclectic kitchens

If you like to march to the beat of your own drum, chances are an eclectic kitchen is for you. Forget keeping up with the Joneses, you want your kitchen to be an expression of you. The key is to do it with style!

Need help determining which style is right for you? Give us a call!