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Why It Works: When Thinking Inside the Box Solves Common Complaints

Posted December 4, 2017

One of the most common complaints from homeowners looking to renovate is that they either don’t have enough space in their home or the space they do have simply does not meet their needs. Often, the solution does not require more space, it just requires a better use of the space that’s there.

Such was the case with a Kanata client living in a bungalow that was on the small side, but was a size that fit their needs perfectly.

The problem, however, was its choppy layout (common to older homes), a single three-piece bathroom and powder room ensuite, and having the laundry in the basement. The key to making the space work for the homeowner was to work closely with her and consider all available spaces. In that way, we were able to develop a plan that exceeded all of her expectations.

What changed:

Kitchen: The closed-off kitchen was opened up by removing a connecting wall in the dining room, creating an open flow. Functionality was also added with bar seating and a new coffee bar. Custom millwork, granite counters and a light, neutral palette that visually opens the space dramatically improved the space.

Laundry: Bringing the laundry room up to the main floor was accomplished by repurposing a small linen closet and reclaiming space from a rarely used third bedroom.

Bathrooms: Space was redistributed between the main bath, ensuite and a walk-in closet to create two new three-piece bathrooms, while still leaving ample closet space for the homeowner’s needs.

The reaction: The homeowner was thrilled with the result, personally thanking each person who had a hand in recreating her space so that it works for her.