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You Can Still Get a Rebate for Energy-Efficient Renovations

Posted August 7, 2018

The Ontario government may have cancelled the Green Ontario Fund rebate program, but there is a way you can still save on energy-efficient renovations, at least until the end of the year.

energy-efficient rebates
Upgrading your windows is one way to capitalize on the Enbridge rebate.

The Home Energy Conservation program offered through Enbridge can rebate up to $5,000 on qualifying upgrades. This program is aimed primarily at upgrades such as installing a new furnace, insulation or windows.

There are a few conditions to note. For instance, you must do at least two of the recommended upgrades, and a home energy audit is needed before the work is done (along with a follow-up audit afterwards). But the benefits to these upgrades are substantial, and the rebate incentive is an extra bonus.

Any upgrades you do that improve the energy efficiency of your home not only save you in energy costs, but they improve its comfort level.

This program, which is offered through Enbridge in partnership with Save on Energy and the province, is available until Dec. 31.

If you’re considering energy-efficiency upgrades, give us a call to see how we can help you meet the deadline. You can get more information on the program here.